Attention Frustrated Wellness Practitioners:

Join Hundreds of Other Successful Wellness Professionals Who Have Exploded Their Businesses With This Proven, 6-Week Done-for-You Holistic Weight Management System That Will Double Your Client List While You Sleep Or Spend More Time with Your Family; All Automated And Set Up, Ready To Go In Only 72 Hours

A Career Saving Message By Lori Kennedy RHN
Founder & CEO Of WOW! Weight Loss Inc.
Board Member of CAHN-Pro

The way we’ve been taught to create nutrition programs and protocols is setting you up to FAIL and GO BROKE.

Think back to when you were in school, all passionate about helping people and running your own business. Is this what you had dreamed of or thought it would be like when you graduated from school?

And while you loved every minute of school, in the real world – the world of social media, competition, marketing and technology you now find yourself second guessing your ambition to pursue nutrition and having your own private practice.

As you surf the newsfeed on Facebook and watch as your peers and colleagues achieve success. Then you stop scrolling.

A colleague, let’s call her Amanda, just announced that her 6-week online transformation program is full at 20 people. You quickly do that math and realize she just made $7980.

Your stomach tightens and you think to yourself “What secrets to success does SHE know that I don’t?”

Fast forward to lunch with an old school friend and she is complaining about the very same financial and business generating problems you are having.

Your phone pings and Amanda just sent out another Facebook post. She’s promoting the opening of 10 new spaces in her 6-week online transformation program at $100 more because the early bird deadline is over… adding another $3990 in revenue.

What Gives? What Does Amanda Know That You Don’t?

You run through a quick comparison:

Same or similar education

Have been in business around the same time

Offer the same type of program except yours in only offered at your wellness clinic

Yet YOU are sitting at lunch with no clients and no clue how to get them while Amanda is all over social media talking about how her program is full and the demand for extra seats was so overwhelming that she just had to open up 10 more spots.

Unfortunately, YOU don’t stand a chance achieving that type of success.

What’s worse is that you will always be chasing client after client if you continue down the path that you are now on.


We don’t have to tell you that the wellness industry is not the same as it was 5 years ago. It’s not even the same as it was 2 or 3 years ago.

Technology has advanced faster then our profession could keep up with.

It’s like us wellness professionals have been left behind and left out of the game – the game of direct response marketing, automation and social media sales funnels.


Achieving professional success, financial stability and the freedom to work where and when you want isn’t all about the letters after your name or how many courses we’ve taken.

It’s more about KNOWING simple proven business strategies and learning HOW TO put them into action.

I’m talking about the basics: creating turn-key, fully or semi-automated programs that can be offered in your brick and mortar clinic or online.

Short and long–term programs that are customized and offer a personal touch yet scalable enough that you can leverage your time to do only the 5% of tasks that really matter to growing your business.

Do you have these types of signature programs in your roster of service offerings?

Do you know how to create AND implement these programs?

Can you sell them for a higher price point then ever you thought possible?


Don’t fret. We didn’t at first either.

So it’s not your fault.

But the problem is that those successful people like Amanda and other on social media, myself, and Ling are in the know.

We are “Insiders”.

“Running a medical fitness weight loss center I am faced with having to have extremely diverse nutrition programs. I don’t feel as an organization we can be successful with just one type of meal plan. We often work with individuals with metabolic syndromes, diabetes, food intolerances, general weight maintenance or weight loss. Having programs that fit each individual is critical to the flexibility we want to provide our patients.The nutrition system that Lori and Ling have provided us was a great addition to the meal plans we offer and our clients love it. The beauty is we can customize it as if it is ours and that is important to us because our clients know, like, and trust us to provide them with high quality programs. Thanks for your strong passion to help others and for your wonderful nutrition systems.”

JR Burgess

We’ve have figured out the secret tactics, strategies and systems that generate repeat leads and convert them into clients again and again and again.

We’ve have navigated our way through creating landing pages, opt ins and autoresponders to do the ‘busy’ work for us while we do the meaningful work we love… coach clients.

That’s the difference between YOU and us.

And Not Having Key ‘INSIDER’ Strategies And Implementation Tactics Will Keep You From Having The Thriving Business You Desire And Deserve.

We know you are passionate, have an excellent education and are fully qualified and capable of being as successful as you desire, BUT you lack the tools and technical know-how to create and implement profitable programs and services.

Before we pull back the curtain and reveal these ‘insider’ trade secrets, I want to paint a picture of what your life could look like with the Holistic Weight Management System in your hands.

Take a moment and indulge us.

This word picture of what we are describing is real and 100% attainable… do your best to FEEL the reality of what we are describing to you. FEEL how you would feel if your life was actually like this.

What would your life be like if…

  1. You had a 6 week turn-key program that you could offer again and again without having to re-create the wheel wasting valuable time and financial resources
  2. Each time you decided to offer this program you crafted a sales funnel from start to finish with ease. You clearly understand each step in the funnel and can pinpoint the direct actions you want prospects to take
  3. You feel confident and powerful as you create strong calls to action, a sense of urgency and ask for the sale not just once but multiple times
  4. Planning your newest launch was exciting and invigorating instead of filling you with dread, doubt and overwhelm
  5. You can easily implement your program launch and automated follow up sequence using a plug in play system that shows you exactly what to do next
  6. You press send, sit back and watch as your program launch campaign goes live, all the pieces of the puzzle fall in line and you get an overwhelming number of responses and new client registrations

Guess what?

Having a life like the one we just described isn’t that difficult. The good news is that everything we just described can be easily learned.

The bad news is that you were never given an opportunity to learn the ‘INSIDER’ basics so you keep falling into the trap of doing the same old things that just DO NOT work.

Exclusive Launch Special:

product group

“You’ll be amazed at what can happen with your business”

With the Holistic Weight Management System for Practitioners, you will get . . .

  • Practitioner implementation guide
  • Launch timeline and sequence
  • The ONE KEY thing all other done-for-you systems leave out (TOP SECRET)
  • Complete weight management system with weekly scripts
  • Weight management handouts
  • 42 days of meal plans for both males and females
  • Recipe book
  • Sales copy, email marketing scripts and program graphics

Special BONUS: 2 Videos From The Wellness Business Summit

This easy to implement and done-for-you system is available NOW. We are only selling 100 copies at this price. The early bird sale ends August 10th at midnight. The system will never be available at this price ever again.

Price: $794   $177
Now Only $77


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Discover the ONLY done-for-you holistic weight management system that is fully customizable, that can be repurposed in multiple ways for multiple platforms, and that is guaranteed to
build your client base and provide continuity for your business,
all within 72 hours or less.

Let Us Share With You How We Both Discovered The ‘INSIDER’ Secrets To Generate 6-Figure Businesses

Ling Wong Health CoachI am Ling, MS, CHHC, AADP. I started out as a holistic nutrition and wellness coach and quickly realized that the key to building a thriving practice has little to do with how much you know, but a lot to do with how well you position and market your products, systems and services. At the same time, I got very frustrated hearing how my fellow health coaches were being held back because they don’t know where to begin with creating their content – articles, presentations, special reports – that will allow them to reach out to their target market, grow their lists and expand their businesses.

I started sharing my content pieces with other health coaches, and soon realized that this is how I can spread the word of wellness and create a ripple effect by making content creation and marketing a breeze for other health and wellness practitioners.

With over 15 years of experience in design and digital marketing, I don’t just write “stuff”; I stragetize content with promoting your business in mind. It has become my mission to help health and wellness practitioners to “Get Out There Make It Big” without having to reinvent the wheel by providing turnkey materials and marketing tools, and this has been my most fulfilling “work” thus far to enable health and wellness pros to help more people.

Lori Kennedy RHN

Hello. My name is Lori Kennedy RHN

I am board certified in practical holistic nutrition and am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

As the founder and CEO of WOW! Weight Loss Inc. I’ve had the opportunity to personally work with thousands of overweight, unhealthy and unhappy clients.

Since founding WOW! Weight Loss in 2007 and the Professional License Opportunity in 2011, I’ve invested over $30,000 of my own personal money to learn from the industry leaders and business coaches.

After producing the Wellness Business Summit, attended by 179 alternative health professionals and mentoring hundreds of other, my mission has become exceedingly clear.

To improve the lives both physically and emotionally for 1 million people by 2022.

This means that I need to teach and mentor 1,000 alternative health professionals the INSIDER secrets so they can each work with 1,000 in order to achieve my mission.

Over the last few years I’ve tweaked WOW! Weight Loss and improved the system, testing it and making it better for the WOW! practitioners and the clients.

Today, the Holistic Weight Management System is the best turn-key, automated program that can be implemented in as little as 72 hours because of my trials and errors with WOW! Weight Loss.

I’ve learned the hard way that having a quality program is useless without the knowledge and know how to implement and sell it.

I’ve added an entire training to the Holistic Weight Management System that walks you through the technology and shows you step by step exactly what to do. I’ve created a plug and play system for you!

Plus you get access to the Holistic Weight Management System 6-week weight loss program. We’ve given you our best materials to customize and use as your own.


I’ve been a Nutritionist since 2006 but I only gained the INSDER secrets a little over 3 years ago. I know what it feels like NOT to live up to your own expectations of what you thought business would be like.

I’ve FAILED multiple times.

I’ve been embarrassed to say that I’m a nutritionist because I had no clients. How can I be an alternative health PROFESSINAL without any client success stories?

That all changed when I stopped focusing on nutrition and started focusing on business. I invested over $35,000 of my own money to learn the INSIDER secrets that I am passing on to you in the Holistic Weight Management System.

You won’t have to spend even a small percentage to learn what I know PLUS you won’t have to waste valuable time making mistakes, tweaking and redoing your work.

I’ve made all of the mistakes for you, paid for them and wrapped up this 6-week turn-key customizable program in a nice little bow for you to immediately inject into your business.

The Entire Holistic Weight Management System Is Laid Out For You…
Step-By-Step With Easy To Follow Instructions And Videos Guiding You Through The Entire Implementation Process Using Our ‘INSIDER’ Secrets.

“Lori has her finger on the pulse of the wellness business world – she’s up to date with the most cutting–edge, online and offline marketing techniques. She is generous with her knowledge because she has a sincere desire to help good people do good work. If she doesn’t know the answer, she knows someone who does, and will find it for you. Lori has been an invaluable resource for me as I try to navigate the world of marketing. She helped me to grow my email list, and in just two months, I now have over 247 emails. I have absolutely no doubt that her Nutrition Business Accelerator coaching system will change your business and your life.”

– Jessica Sherman, RHN, Kingston

Here is just a taste of what’s inside the Holistic Weight Management System that will relieve your fears, anxieties and feelings of overwhelm and transform your business in as little as 72 hours…

Get ready to discover…

How to cut down your unpaid content creation time to zero so you can spend your time on the ONLY key tactics that matter – creating relationships, program promotion, sales and customer service

Our step-by-step instructional videos that teach you HOW TO implement all of the tools in the Holistic Weight Management system so that you can actually use and benefit from it instead of it just storing space on your computer

Our rinse and repeat system to use as a stand alone service offering or as part of your larger sales funnel so that you can convert more clients into longer term higher paying clients

That the Holistic Weight Management System is mainstream enough to attract a broad enough audience so that you have a large prospect pond to fish from

How it’s possible to generate clients from sending out a couple well crafted emails without having to spend time talking and convincing them to buy your programs

The RIGHT kind of social media posts and blog articles that entice your prospects to want to buy instead of spinning your wheels with content and getting no where

How to instantly put an end to your negative feelings towards sales by having a sales funnel that is compelling and does the selling for you moneytree

A fast way to start or grow your business so that you can put yourself  ‘out there’ with confidence knowing that you have a completed and proven program

The nitty gritty details of online marketing technology so that you understand every step of the process making any excuses not to use the Holistic Weight Management System null and void

Why almost ALL efforts you’ve previously exhausted failed and how this System will revolutionize your business

And much, much more…

“We have reduced your unpaid system creation time down to ZERO”


“Lori and Ling are passionate about bringing a sound nutrition approach to the fitness and wellness industry. This is a must-have system for any serious trainer or coach that wants to see permanent, lasting changes with their clients.This is more than just a diet, it’s a bullet-proof system that sets up your clients to succeed in both the short term and long term. The done-for-you content is easy to follow and instantly adds value to your services.”

Mike Whitfield, CTT

“Learning from Lori’s business coaching has been pivotal to our success, and our ability to generate revenue and build our nutritional practice. We’ve used the turn-key promotions and introductory jump start systems so that we don’t have to spend time creating them – we just implement! The fact that Lori crafts these with the intention to grow our business relieves so much of the pressure and stress off of us. For example, this summer, we ran a 14-day, sexy slim down in conjunction with an outdoor exercise boot camp to generate new clients and got seven new clients. We’re currently running a 28-day weight loss challenge, complete with 28 days of meal plans created by Lori as an introductory offer to build business for our regular 10-week system. With Lori’s help, we crafted three marketing emails that secured us 14 new clients in less than 48 hours.”

Jennifer Sexton, RHN and
Patricia Jean-Vézina, RHN/Certified Personal Trainer
Ottawa WOW! Weight Loss

“This weight management system is excellent! As a trainer, I have a hard time putting together whole food based meal plans for my clients. I really needed a tool that would help me give clients a COMPREHENSIVE nutrition program without me having to spend the time creating it all myself. This program does exactly that.The program itself incorporates all the nutrition essentials, meal plans and recipes, which is great. What I really love is that it also addresses other important components of weight loss, like mindset, that will really help you help your clients.This program is great to use as a done-for-you tool for your clients looking to put together a full scale weight loss plan that complements the workouts you are giving them. I love all the templates that come with the program. It makes it so easy for me to just fill in my company name and send out great resources to my clients. Thanks so much for the awesome program!”

Sara Dean

Price: $794   $177

Now Only $77


buy now

“I have purchased several of Slideberry’s done-for-you systems, and have been pleased with how easy it is to make them my own. The content is in depth, but clear . . . I’m sure it would have taken me weeks to do the research to do this system without Ling’s help.

Thank you for making my life a little easier Ling! I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Teri Whitchurch, AADP, HHC, CNC, CHEF, CMT, CPT, LE, LM,
The Organic Nook

So, what exactly is the system we’re talking about?
Holistic Weight Management System for Practitioners

product group

Holistic Weight Management System – weekly seminar/script materials complete with corresponding handouts. Each week you will guide clients through a different aspect of weight management. (valued at $297)Holistic Weight Management SystemTopics in the Holistic Weight Management System for Practitioners

  • Intention and Goal Setting
  • Why Diets Don’t Work
  • Ten Tips to Improve Eating Habits and Lose Weight without Crazy Diets
  • The Three Secrets to the Last 5 Pounds
  • Medical Conditions and Weight Gain
  • Social Support
  • Bonus: Three-Step Sugar Cleanse



Practitioner Guide – our step-by-step guide that walks you through every single aspect of setup, implementation and system launch sequence with sample dates and “how-to” videos. (valued at $89)



Handouts – Two handouts per week based on the weekly materials
(valued at $137)


Meal Plans

21 Days of Meal Plans – Done-for-you whole food based meal plans for both males and females along with a food swap list. Re-use the meal plans to create your 6-week program. (valued at $127)


Recipe Book

Recipe Book – Quick and easy to make whole food recipes which are implemented into the meal plans. Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides and dessert. (valued at $47)


Email Marketing and Sales Copy

Email Marketing and Sales Copy – The one key thing that every single system needs. Sales content for your website PLUS a five-sequence, direct-response email marketing campaign. (valued at $97)



Price: $794   $177

Now Only $77


buy now

Price: $794   $77


buy now


If for any reason you are unhappy with the Holistic Weight Management System for Practitioners, or it doesn’t help you to grow your business, just drop us an email within 30 days of your purchase, and we will refund you the value of your entire purchase. No questions asked. No hard feelings. :)

Expertise, passion, the right system + the one key thing = financial stability and the satisfaction of knowing you are able to help thousands of people.

We are sure you have questions about the Holistic Weight Management System for Practitioners . . . hopefully, we’ve answered them for you.


Q: Can I copy the content exactly as you have laid it out?
Yes. Use it word for word. Do not change a thing, EXCEPT to add in your own contact information.

Q: Do I need to invest any more money in this system before I can run it?
No. You have everything you need to implement and run the system as soon as you invest in it. The only additional costs you would incur would be if you decide to print the marketing materials.

Q: Is the system gluten free?
The system can be adapted to suit any type of specialized diet. There is a food list that comes along with the meal plans that you can use in addition to the weekly educational handouts.

Q: Who do I market this to?
Every single person on your email list. It doesn’t matter right now that you haven’t spent time growing your email list. If you use email, then you have a list. Everyone wants to lose a couple pounds and become healthier.

Q: Can I run this system in private sessions and a weekly group?
Absolutely. You can use a variety of facilitation platforms, all at one time. In fact, we suggest exactly that . . . test different types of system styles to determine which one works best for your business model and your target market.

Q: What if I have questions . . . do you offer support?
Of course. Feel free to email customerservice@wowweightloss.ca, and we will do our best to answer your questions within 24 hours. If your questions and need for support boarders on stalking, then you have the option to invest in private start-up coaching.

Price: $794   $177   First 100 Copies – Only $77

buy now

Price: $794   $177

buy now